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LinkedIn Update

When was the last time you posted on LinkedIn?


What is LinkedIn?


Today, we are more connected than ever! How you show up digitally as a professional matters. LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform. Did you know that LinkedIn was started before Facebook and Instagram? That is just a fun fact but let us talk about the benefits of LinkedIn.



Why Should You Be More Active on LinkedIn?


For Job Seekers


In addition to viewing your resume, managers want to see your professional digital presence. Studies have shown that over 90% of recruiters and hiring managers research candidates on LinkedIn. When you have an impressive LinkedIn profile, it reinforces that you are a quality candidate.



Of Recruiters Are on LinkedIn Looking For Job Candidates (2020)


LinkedIn also has a job board where you can search for open positions across the globe. You can also set up alerts to receive job notifications based on a particular company or job title. This is something you want to take advantage of because the earlier you submit your application, the better the chances it will be reviewed. Be sure to have your resume and cover letter ready to go.


122 Million

People have received a job interview from their LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn also has an “open to work” feature that you can boldly display to the public or only share to recruiters—for those of you who do not want to let your current network know. The thing I love about LinkedIn is that instead of submitting your resume and applying to a ton of job postings, recruiters are actively searching for you.


14 Million

Job Openings on the LinkedIn Platform (2020)


A bonus benefit is that your LinkedIn profile will show up first when someone searches your full name in Google. This was one of the reasons I created a LinkedIn profile in 2011.



For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Let us do business where business is being done. LinkedIn is an excellent place for networking and growing your business.


In 2019, there were 90 million senior-level decision-makers on LinkedIn and use the platform to vet companies before doing business with them. This means that your next client or big contract might come from an active LinkedIn member.


Of LinkedIn users have Incomes over $50K


Yes, you have a business website, but companies want to see you on LinkedIn as an industry expert. As a small business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur, you must show up on LinkedIn.



Of Companies have a LinkedIn Company Page


As a small business owner, you can use LinkedIn to find great talent, market and gain more leads for your business, and stay up to date on what is going on in your industry. You can also join groups that match the interests of your target audience.



Of B2B marketers see LinkedIn as an effective source of Lead Generation


Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, LinkedIn is looking like an ideal place to show up digitally. So, write that LinkedIn article, write posts often, and network!


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How to Establish Your Authority on LinkedIn?


The easiest way to establish your professional brand is to leverage social proof. The resume is great, but people relate to other people. LinkedIn is the perfect place to show your expertise and gain credibility in your industry. Here five easy things you can do on LinkedIn to establish your authority.

  1. Join LinkedIn Groups in your field and Contribute/Start Conversations

  2. Write a LinkedIn Post Highlights a Recent Work Accomplishment

  3. Publish a LinkedIn Article on a Topic Relevant to Your Industry

  4. Ask Your Network and Peers for Endorsements and Recommendations

  5. Use the LinkedIn Featured Section to Highlight Your Awards


If your LinkedIn profile needs a makeover or upgrade or if you need help getting your LinkedIn profile started, Professionally Developed can help. We will help you rebrand yourself and grow your network.

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