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The App Young Professionals are Underutilizing

As a Recruiter and Resume Writer, I come across numerous resumes. Today, resumes are still a crucial document in securing a job. What about a LinkedIn profile?

Interestingly, 47% of my clients (typically young professionals of color) DO NOT have a LinkedIn profile.

This statistic got me thinking, do young professionals use LinkedIn? It turns out according to WeRSM that only 23% of LinkedIn users are between the age of 18-29. The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report shows that Top 5 Apps used by ages 18-24 are: YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

What’s special about LinkedIn?


In terms of careers, let’s look at resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Resumes are active. You must submit your resume to a job posting or email it to a recruiter. If you have a LinkedIn profile, company recruiters can actively reach out to you about job opportunities. There is even a LinkedIn feature to let recruiters know if you’re open to new career options. You can also sometimes apply for jobs directly with your LinkedIn profile. 


In this digital age, we are becoming way more connected. At networking events, I hear all the time of individuals running out of business cards. That’s when I ask, “Are you on LinkedIn?”. The response is usually “yes”. Honestly, I am more likely to reach out to a new person via LinkedIn versus calling your office phone or emailing you. After the event, I have ton of work emails and get back into work-mode. However, if you come across my LinkedIn timeline, that is a mental trigger to reach out.   


Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter are all personal accounts to share with friends and family. They are not always the platform you want to add co-workers. LinkedIn allows you to professionally interact with co-workers, managers, etc. outside of the office. This is another way to build a personal rapport (and keep in contact with new and ex-coworkers) without opening your private, social media account. Professional boundaries are real! 

When did I join LinkedIn? 

Second semester junior year of college (21 years old), a guest speaker spoke to us about professionalism and vividly told us “If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, create one today”. A couple months later, I created a LinkedIn account, and have been using it ever since. Besides the demanding tone of the speaker, she also said that if you create a LinkedIn profile and Google your name, it will come up before your Facebook account.

Curious about LinkedIn origin stories, I asked my wife why she first created a LinkedIn account. She transitions to a full-time status at the Boys & Girls Club. In a meeting she realized that she was the youngest full-time staff person and wanted a way to connect with her peers. 

Comment below and share either your introduction to LinkedIn, why you created an account, or why haven’t you yet. Thanks for reading! 

-Marcell Jackson, Founder of Professionally Developed

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