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Update Your Resume, Fam!

If you had to send an up-to-date resume to a previous manager for a possible job or the local newspaper for an article feature RIGHT NOW … could you do it?

If you are currently employed in a stable, full-time job, chances are you have not updated your resume in a while. As employees, we often get comfortable in our role and rarely make updating our resume a priority. If this describes you, update your resume today!

How Often Should I Update my Resume?

There is no right answer, but a great habit is to update your resume once a quarter (every 3 months). Updating your resume quarterly gives you time to reflect on your accomplishments, helps you identify areas where you need to improve, and can give you a boost of confidence. Sometimes, we are so wrapped up in the day-to-day grind that we forget to recognize how much progress we have made.

Outside of the quarterly updates, some other key times to update your resume are when you:

  • Are looking for a job (obviously)

  • Complete a Degree, Certification, or Training

  • Start a new School/Degree/Online Program

  • Join a new Professional Organization

  • Learn or master a new Skill

  • Get a Promotion

  • Finish a Project

At most companies, you are evaluated once or twice a year (mid and end-of-year reviews). Before I began updating my resume quarterly, I spent a ton of time trying to remember what I had accomplished all year. If you use your resume as a tracking sheet of your accomplishments, your next evaluation will be a breeze.

If I am an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Freelancer, Do I Need a Resume?

Yes! Your next client might require a concise document that showcases your skills. Business Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for larger contracts usually require the background of the business owner as part of the package. Potential investors will want to see your professional work history, associations, and qualifications before committing monies to your business.

Simply put, having an updated resume will allow you to cater to a variety of potential clients. Also, if you ever have to re-enter the job market, you will be ready to go!

Additional Benefits of an Updated Resume

The initial benefit of an updated resume is that when the next “good opportunity” comes your way, you will be ready.

Some additional benefits include:

  1. You are prepared if the worst happens and you need to find a new job.

  2. Reaching out to a potential employer (that you haven’t heard from in a month) with a revised resume is a strategic job-hunting move.

  3. If you are nominated for an award or invited to speak at an event, you can send over your resume with ease.

  4. If you want to start freelancing or a side hustle, your resume is a great way to prove to your first client that you have the skills to get the job done.

Employees, Job Seekers, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speakers, and Business Owners all need a resume. Your resume has several purposes and can be crafted for various audiences, so you need to keep it updated. Best of luck in your next professional endeavor!


Marcell Jackson

Founder of Professionally Developed, LLC

Social: Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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